Killing Bono

A film about killing Bono from U2? Really? Well, almost.

Killing Bono is roughly based from Neil McCormick’s memoir Killing Bono: I was Bono’s Doppelganger, Neil McCormick being the lead singer of a band that started at the same time as U2.

The film follows the McCormick brothers’ attempts to make it in the music industry, but can never get out of the shadow of U2. Hating Bono due to his success, Neil always vows to his brother Ivan that they will be bigger and better than U2. Why? Because Neil didn’t let his little brother join U2 – behind Ivan’s back.

Oh, and Neil is Bono’s doppelganger.

The trailer looked very promising, and having not read the memoir, I didn’t really know what to expect. So I left the cinema beaming from the hilarious scenes, awesome music and great performances.

Ben Barnes and Robert Sheehan, playing Neil and Ivan respectively, held their own – and had pretty good Irish accents too. Pete Postlethwaite was superb as the crazy sexed-up landlord, hilarious every second he is on screen. It’s a shame Postlethwaite has so little screen time, but as his last film, it was a pretty good one.

One thing I found annoying: Neil McCormick.

His life is presented as the epitome of Sod’s Law: every decision he makes for the band ends up going wrong – hilarious, yet annoying.

I found out that the film diverges from the memoir, so the Neil McCormick in the film is not anything like the Neil McCormick in real life. I was both relieved and irritated after hearing this.

Relieved to find that there is no way a man can be so unlucky in life, and on top of that, relieved to find that Neil McCormick is not annoying in real life. Irritated to find that, as a U2 fan, the film is not loyal to the memoir – at all. So, a bit of a disappointment there.

I was one of four people in the cinema when I saw Killing Bono, not surprising as I presume the major income will come from America instead of Britain – mainly because U2 have a higher following over the pond. But with an amazing cast and a great trailer, I’ve come to the conclusion that the only reason why people here won’t see the film is because they don’t like Bono.

Surprise surprise: he’s not even the main character.

So to all those who don’t like Bono, Killing Bono is actually the perfect film for you! Minus the annoyance felt with Neil McCormick, the film leaves you beaming at the end, showcasing that blood is really thicker than water – no matter how annoying your big brother can be in ruining your career.

I love U2, I love Bono, and I’m looking forward to watching Killing Bono again when it comes out on DVD.

And on that note, I shall go and listen to more U2.

Bye *waves*

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