April 2023

What a month. I have been working super hard and working super late this month, which I knew was coming, but when it happens you just feel exhausted and a little drained. Reading back on my daily gratitudes, it appears I have been super grateful for food and drink! Subsistence to help get me through [...]

March 2023

The first quarter of the year is over - how time really flies! Reading back on my daily gratitudes, it appears that I've been grateful for more than one thing on most days. Perhaps this gratitude journal is making me appreciate things more, to stop and smell the flowers, so to speak. Or perhaps this [...]

Obedience class – Mixed ability 6

This was the last mixed ability class so it was kind of a round up to finish the course. Heel work We practised heel work while crossing paths, walking person to person. Artemis was quite good at this. There was a very popular muddy spot, where lots of treats were dropped in the earlier class, [...]

Obedience class – Mixed ability 5

So this session was outside in the rain and it was really muddy, almost like traipsing through a marsh river. Heelwork We did some heelwork in a boggy marsh, trying to avoid the drenched corners; and considering the terrible weather, Artemis was actually really good. Because of the rain, I used Artemis' favourite venison and [...]

Obedience class – Mixed ability 4

This session we didn't learn any new commands, it was just housekeeping and practising. English finish Artemis' English finish was ok. The trainer suggested instead of transferring the treat from right hand to left hand to have a treat in both hands so that it's not too clumsy transferring the treat. This way Artemis can [...]

Obedience class – Mixed ability 3

This week we learnt novice recall and also practised some things we had already learnt previously. Heelwork So I arrived a little late this session and heelwork had already begun. Some owners and dogs were walking clockwise, whilst others were walking anti-clockwise, so we were meeting other dogs. It was difficult from the get-go! At [...]

International Women’s Day 2023

Happy International Women's Day! March 8 every year is International Women's Day and this is the fourth year I've written about this day. This year's campaign theme is Embrace Equity. And the best quote I read on the difference between equality and equity has been this: "Equality is giving everyone a shoe. Equity is giving [...]

February 2023

What a busy busy month! Only 28 days yet I feel I've packed in so much in February. Work has been super busy, but I have managed to find little joys in the every day. It really does help living with a dog who is just so happy to see the humans awake in the [...]