Ending my relationship with perfectionism

Recently I listened to a TED talk podcast episode called Breaking Up with Perfectionism and it was really enlightening. Host Adam Grant spoke about his own experiences with perfectionism and gave some advice on how to stop being a perfectionist. My relationship with perfectionism Personally I have had issues with perfectionism and I am slowly [...]

Mental Health Awareness Week 2022

In the middle of May each year is Mental Health Awareness Week. This year the theme is loneliness, as many people have been experiencing loneliness during the pandemic and even now. Loneliness and mental health Loneliness was highlighted during the pandemic and lockdown, where many people altruistically isolated themselves for the benefit of the public [...]

Love Languages

I first heard of love languages on social media. Essentially it is how you prefer to communicate and receive love in human relationships. This is based on the book by Gary Chapman, The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate. Interestingly, love languages can be used everywhere, such as: with partners, [...]

Turning 30

I'll be turning 30 soon - very soon. I've never had an issue with getting older, but this year seems different. I didn't have a quarter life crisis that came with turning 25 - maybe it's the pandemic, or living in lockdown. As I tried to reconcile with this angst, I realise that maybe I'm [...]

Mental Health Awareness Week 2021

This week was Mental Health Awareness week, and the theme this year is nature. Usually starting the second Monday of May, the Mental Health Foundation has run its awareness week every year since 2001. The theme of nature was chosen as many people have turned to nature during the pandemic to help improve their psychological [...]

The Habit Loop

I recently watched, and wrote about, a webinar about living well and energy levels. The webinar also spoke about how to create healthy long term habits and how to break bad habits. What I love about these webinars is not just gaining a better understanding around why we do what we do, but actually having [...]

Energy Levels

I was inspired this week by watching a webinar about living well. This was presented by Jana Nightingale, who raises self-awareness on personal development. It was quite insightful and I learnt a lot, and it really made me self reflect. The Brain History The webinar opened on a brief history of the lives our ancestors [...]

Coping with Emotions

I listened to an Asian Boss Girl podcast episode recently about therapy and mental health (episode # 61) and it was really insightful. I absolutely love this podcast - the topics dive into some really deep issues. Indirect Trauma One of the things I learnt about was vicarious trauma, or indirect trauma, where one feels [...]