Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Fun. Entertaining. Funny. Everything you could ask for from a Robert Marshall directed film. Jack Sparrow returns again, this time in London – though only briefly, on his quest for the fountain of youth. The Captain comes across Barbossa, Blackbeard, zombies, mermaids, and a priest on his journey.

Johnny Depp is on fine form, and a cameo from Keith Richards as Jack’s father is quite hilarious. Penelope Cruz stars as the protagonist’s past love Angelica and is one feisty lady who can hold her own against the other pirates.

Entertaining stuff with quite a few action and fight scenes, though not much jumps out at you to require for a 3D viewing unfortunately. William and Elizabeth Turner do not return for this film and there is not much of a definitive romance but there are some hilarious sparks of chemistry between Jack and Angelica, and even a mermaid gets a man – kind of, maybe.

Stay tuned after the end of the credits for a special clip, as always with the Pirates saga.

I thought a fourth instalment would be milking the Pirates franchise dry but this film is definitely worth the money, though maybe not the extra for a 3D viewing and the 3D glasses.

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