The Inbetweeners Movie

Four teenagers finish sixth form and go on holiday to Malia.

Pretty simple concept, pretty hilarious film. For those who haven’t seen the TV series it doesn’t really matter; the four main characters Will, Simon, Jay, and Neil are each summed up very well in the first 15 minutes.

The actors do what they do best: make fools of themselves. The first half was so funny that my stomach actually ended up hurting. As the film progresses the laughs keep coming though with added seriousness with friendships tested, cheating involved, and even some bullying.

Some gags may seem too unrealistic, but this is just where you’ve got to remember it’s just a film. Some parts are just so disgusting that somehow it actually turns out to be quite funny.

Hilarious, crude, and heart-warming. If you liked the TV series, you’ve just got to watch this. If you haven’t seen it and just want to leave the cinema with an aching stomach, then watch it too.

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