One Day

Emma and Dexter meet on St Swithuns Day and the film charts their lives on every July 15th for 20 years when sometimes they are friends, sometimes lovers, or sometimes something else entirely.

Anne Hathaway is a delight as Emma, the only issue being her unrealistic aging over 20 years. Jim Sturgess is on fine form as Dexter, the alcoholic troublesome male lead.

Adapted from the novel of the same name, some critics have written negatively due to the film’s lack of emotional depth. Yet with only 100 minutes retelling a whole novel, the film can’t please everyone.

The script is witty though fails at its attempts of humour. And yes, some themes are not dealt with as deep as the novel such as alcoholism, drugs, and cancer. Though there are some darker moments, and you just want the two protagonists to get together.


Of course once they eventually do, one way or another, the couple can never stay together. I admit: I cried at the end, anyone who doesn’t have one tiny tear probably doesn’t have a heart. Perhaps the film does not have the depth of the book, but director Lone Scherfig sure does a great job.

Watch this if you’re after romance and tears. If you’re after comedy, stick to The Inbetweeners Movie.

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