A Levels

Do you know what you want to do in the future? Do you know what kind of person you want to be? I don’t. I’ve had to reassess my life a lot these past two weeks or so, which lead me to think about “Being Erica”. Except, this version would be “Being Mayfair” – of course without the life lessons, more the changing regrets. Things that, if I was friends with Doctor Who, I’d ask to relive differently. Perhaps relieve my conscience a little, perhaps.

 First stop: A Levels.

Not exactly revealing juiciness, but still a past regret I’d love to change. I was one of those rare students who took half maths / sciences and half humanities. Some people say it’s because I didn’t know what to do. And they would be correct – I didn’t have a clue!

Scenario: first year, day one of college: I went into the student serv
ices hoping to change subjects; I wanted to take Further Maths and Computer Science instead of English Literature and Film Studies. What did the lady say to me? “Don’t change your A Levels”.

WHAT THE FRAK?! If I was more determined or less afraid of change or more willing to punch the living daylights out of this lady I wouldn’t be studying the degree I’m studying right now. Why? Because the A Levels I could have taken would’ve led me onto a different path. And that’s what kinda I regret right now: my degree choice.

I’ve come to realise, through my fortnight of trawling graduate job sites, that I’m not cut out for journalism or publishing or advertising or… You get the picture. Therefore, I feel that my English Literature degree has been a bit of a waste of time, as I won’t be going into the above sectors anymore. So my A Level subject choices had been totally, well, stupid.

Solution: I’d jump in the TARDIS to first year, day one of college. I’d slap Mini Me across the face with a wet fish and tell her to look into the future to see if she’s really cut out for journalism. And none of that Lois Lane’s by-lines saving the day stuff. Proper hardcore journalism: long hours, low pay, midnight interview calls. And then I’d tell Mini Me to “get real”, punch that lady, and demand to change subjects.

Yup, that’s what I’d do. Change the A Levels, change the degree subject choice, and actually be prepared to apply for graduate jobs. I say this and regret this past decision because there are a fair few graduate jobs that I’d love to apply for, but can’t. Why? I took the wrong degree.

I hope my parents don’t get hold of this post. Asian parents and their “I told you so’s” are beyond any “lecture” I’ve been to so far at university…

2 thoughts on “A Levels

  1. i regret doing a lot of things but listening to my parents in taking sciences instead of media and french at college was probably one of the best decisions i’d ever made.

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