I’ve never had a pet, and always wanted a dog. That was until a discovery I made in secondary school. I loved huskies, I wanted huskies – just look how cute they are!! Those striking eyes, that lovely fur, sigh.

No, in secondary school, a friend told me that “huskies eat people”. And yes, I believed her. Back in the day, I thought that huskies actually ate people.

I had no experience of huskies, let alone dogs, how was I supposed to know better or argue against this? Rottweilers have been in the news before for eating children’s faces; it is illegal to even breed some dogs as they are so dangerous. Why wouldn’t a human-eating husky be feasible? I mean, according to Bridget Jones, Alsatians eat lonely women.

I told a friend this. She laughed. And thought it weird that I would believe such an absurd thing. Yes, absurd *shifts eyes*

So now I am “convinced” that huskies, in fact, do not eat people. Huskies are a friendly breed of dog, unlike Rottweilers. So, I may or may not get a dog one day. That dog may or may not be a husky. One thing is for sure: I will never believe any animal-related fact that comes out of my friend’s mouth.

Any animal-related incidents that people know of or have gone through? It’d be great to read them.

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