We’re going to the chapel…

…and we’re gonna get maaaaaaaarried.

Yes, for those not in the know, the wedding day is looming. One thing is checked off the list: honeymoon!! This will be my first flight in almost 10 years, and my fiance’s first international flight out of the continent. Where are we going? I’m not saying just yet, I’m afraid. But I really want a window seat!!

One thing next to do: hen and stag. I apparently have to leave my hen all to someone else to organise, so I’m quite anxious. Nah, I lie, I’m very anxious. The exact words from the maid of honour were: “leave it to me”. And when she says that, s*** is going down.

We’ll see, let’s hope for the best, shall we…

4 thoughts on “We’re going to the chapel…

  1. nathan’s mum’s ordered 5 free tickets to thorpe park in time for the new ride on tesco vouchers mwahaha.

    1. I’m sure I’ll love whatever you plan, but I love going on roller coasters, minus the minutes leading up to it. This is kinda the same thing…

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