Back to Reality

Yup, the wedding’s done, we’re back from the honeymoon, and the new academic term has begun. It’s back to reality.

And how nice of the weather to welcome us back. Not.

Right now, I’m currently trying to find a graduate job in accountancy. In London. Yes, I know it’s competitive. Yes, I know I should have applied earlier. And yes, I know it’s going to take me a while. But hey, nothing wrong with perseverance.

Now there’s something that most people think the unemployed do that is incorrect: everyone thinks I, and other unemployed, just sit at home doing nothing.

The reality is: I’m wracking my brains filling out very long online application forms, answering essay-like questions as to why I want to work for a certain company and what makes me an excellent candidate, and practising online reasoning tests. That’s not exactly “doing nothing” now, is it?

So yes, it’s hard enough coming back to reality after the hype of a wedding-filled summer, and I’m also trying to find a job. And on top of that I have family on the phone demanding I find a job or move back home, and friends calling me up with less than 24 hours notice (I plan ahead, a lot, by like 36 hours) to meet up with me.

Apologies to those who think I’m lazy; but I am genuinely doing something worthwhile with my time, that will hopefully, eventually, land me a job. So family, friends, I’m afraid you probably won’t be seeing me until you see me in business wear.

Hey ho, back to reality we go.

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