First driving lesson success

First driving lesson today: started the car, stopped the car, turned left, turned right, did not stall. That was probably the best part: not stalling. Pat on the back for that.

So a couple of interesting, perhaps odd, things also happened. The police were around the roads I was driving around. Seemed normal enough.

Instructor: “And take the next left”.

Me: “Ok. Mirrors – check, signal – check, position…”.

And what I saw, as I turned the corner, was a couple of police men with a sniffer dog – in action/hunting mode. Random. Continued following the road, wondering what the police were doing, and I saw them again as I came round another road. 

This time walking casually with a man carrying a dog-proof suit. I guess they were doing some sort of dog sniffing/hunting training session.

Memorable first lesson to say the least.

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