Lesson 15

Lesson 15, total of 28 hours driving.

Good things:

  • turn in the road ok
  • positioning has improved a lot
  • meeting traffic also improved, no fear of hitting wing mirrors of parked cars
  • went up to 65 mph, without even realising, whilst in fourth gear, perhaps I should have changed to fifth gear
  • did not run anyone over

Bad things/room for improvement:

  • reverse around a corner: need to move slower and observe behind right shoulder
  • parallel parking: ensure car does not speed up/use brake more when there is a camber in the road
  • bay parking: use wing mirrors to see if car is positioned correctly
  • roundabouts: stick to the left lane if the roundabout is wide, do not cut into the right lane; I did this several times without even realising
  • hesitate less, pedestrians take their chance and cross roads haphazardly

Not a bad driving lesson, not an excellent one either. I thought I had the hang of the maneouvres, but today I practised them in different places, which put me off a little.

But I suppose that is part of “real world” driving.

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