Lesson 17

Lesson 17, total of 32 hours driving.

Good things:

  • big improvement on roundabouts: good lane discipline, positioning has improved, confidence definitely boosted
  • dual carriageways: good use of speed, 65 mph, was in the overtaking lane for the first time ever and I survived! Of course, I quickly moved back to the slow lane

Bad things/room for improvement:

  • bay parking was ok: with new instructor and therefore new car, the new car does not have the same markings to use as reference points, need to think of new markings to know when to turn
  • reverse around a corner was ok: ensure I don’t park too close to the kerb at first, as that makes it difficult to manoeuvre, also need to observe behind my right shoulder more often
  • got beeped at on a large roundabout, even though I had signalled to change lanes, perhaps I cut in a bit too early

Definitely feel a lot more confident driving around, getting more experience on new roads. Not too sure if I’m ready to book my practical test or whether I’m being an eager beaver.

My instructor says I’ll know when I’m ready. My previous instructor said he didn’t want to say I was ready in case the new instructor tells me otherwise. How does one know?

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