Lesson 18

Lesson 18, total of 34 hours.

Good things:

  • parallel parking was great
  • getting more confident with roundabouts
  • overtook another car on a dual carriageway, and survived!
  • new maximum speed limit: 72ish mph, instructor advised I take it down a notch

Bad things:

  • reverse around a corner absolutely terrible, was a very tight corner and it just was not happening
  • worst turn in the road ever: 5 point turn, bumped the kerb twice, and two cars were either side of me waiting for me to finish. This was a narrow road, the narrowest road I had been asked to attempt

I don’t know if my instructor was “testing me” or being mean. I would not have attempted a turn in the road on such a narrow road, and definitely wouldn’t be asked to do so on my test. Now I’m second guessing my “driving abilities”…

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