Lesson 24

Lesson 24, total of 46 hours driving.

Good/ok things:

  • turn in the road was ok, in the first turn I don’t have to turn the wheel to the left so soon
  • parallel park was all right, need to do the second turn sooner
  • reverse around a corner was ok, ensure I am closer to the kerb
  • positioning has improved, instructor no longer in fear of me driving too close to parked cars, yay!

Bad things/lots of room for improvement:

  • lane discipline at roundabouts: sometimes in the wrong lane, must work on this
  • meeting traffic: hesitate less, I can edge forward and tuck myself in between cars further down the road, must be less polite to other drivers
  • emerging: hesitate less
  • clutch control: only stalled once, I was accidentally in third gear instead of first gear, but the clutch is too high so when I release the brake the car jolts forward, which is bad
  • speed: apparently I was driving quite fast today, influenced from the temporary instructor, maybe?

So my first instructor has returned after almost two months absence. I hope he has seen that I have improved! Um, I think I have.

Some things obviously need work, like roundabouts. But I think I managed ok today, considering there were police and ambulance vehicles parked on a roundabout dealing with a car that crashed into traffic lights.

Going to youtube roundabouts in my city that might appear on my test, I am hardcore like that.

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