Lesson 26

Lesson 26, total of 50 hours driving , mock test number one.

Good things:

  • apparently, I was driving “perfectly” on the way to the test centre, then I suppose you could say it went a bit downhill after that
  • parallel park was fine

Bad/ terrible things:

  • didn’t check left wing mirror when signalling, or didn’t do so very obviously, this worked out to be four minors, which made it into major number one
  • signalled left too soon when exiting a couple of roundabouts, major number two
  • independent driving part: following signs to somewhere, let’s say Candy Island, did not see any signs that gave directions to Candy Island, realised at last moment that I was in the wrong lane at the entrance of a roundabout *panicked* thought of cutting up four lanes to try and get to the correct exit, instructor grabbed wheel and directed me to first exit as I was in the leftest lane, major number three
  • major number four: do not remember
  • major number five: also do not remember, but these two happened, whatever they were
  • I think I also wracked up quite a few minors, also do not remember what they were, but I know I was speeding at one point as I didn’t brake soon enough when going from a 50mph zone to a 30mph zone

So, a great ride to the test centre. Start mock test, epic fail, boohoo.

You’re allowed up to 15 minors, three to four repeated minors then becomes a major. And a major means a fail.

Got to remember: I am not a taxi driver. It’s best to drive safely in the wrong direction than to drive crazily in the correct direction.

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