Lesson 27

Lesson 27, total of 52 hours driving , mock test number two.

Good things:

  • vast improvement compared to first mock test
  • show me/ tell me answers  were fine
  • calmed my nerves and coped a lot better compared to first mock test

Terrible things:

  • major number one: did not complete parallel park manoeuvre, first steer was too early which was kind of not ok, second steer was a bit late and car sped up as the car was going a bit downhill, so I had to stop as I could see the back wheel almost bump the kerb. There was a car waiting patiently in front of me and another learner driver waiting patiently behind me, so I was waiting for both to drive past me, they did not. Instructor instructed me to drive on.
  • I should have moved forwards a bit, then move backwards a bit, and repeat, to try and position the car parallel/ better so the waiting cars could drive past. Next time: continue with the manoeuvre no matter what, especially if other cars are waiting for me to finish.
  • major number two: did not look left when emerging from a junction, this happened directly after the failed parallel park manoeuvre so my instructor believes I was too busy dwelling on that instead of focusing on what I was doing
  • I should have paused more and looked both ways before emerging, especially as there were give way lines. I think my instructor was correct, as I usually stop completely for give way lines

Bad things:

  • minor number one: pulling up on the left, need to position car closer to kerb and not stop in middle of road, must look ahead to see a place to park and then signal and move over slowly, not signal and then find place to park
  • minor number two: before driving on, need to exaggerate my six-point check, I was doing this too quickly, signal if necessary
  • minor number three: these are three separate things: look at centre mirror, look at left wing mirror, and signalling left; I do these three too soon after the other and need to treat them separately
  • minor number four: do not leave indicators on, signalling to change lanes near a roundabout and signalling whilst on a roundabout are different, I did this twice: once before a roundabout and continued signalling during the roundabout, and a second time exiting a roundabout and kept the signal on when joining the next roundabout
  • minor number five: positioning/ meeting traffic, was driving too close to parked cars on two occasions, once on a narrow road and secondly driving too fast to realise closeness to parked cars on left

So, the second mock driving test was a lot better than the first. Still a fail. For some reason my instructor is not panicking at all. I find this odd yet somewhat relatively reassuring, I think.

Tips to self:

  • I’m not a taxi driver, safety is more important than destination
  • exaggerate all mirror checks and do mirror checks much slower
  • take my time, and do not rush, this way I have more time to think before I do eg positioning/ meeting traffic is a rookie error I did today, just because I felt I wanted the mock test to end sooner

I’m really not sure whether I’m gonna pass, I don’t want to spend another £60 and more driving lessons. Not sure if my instructor’s blind faith in me is a good or bad thing.

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