Lesson 28

Lesson 28, total of 54 hours driving , mock test number three.

Good things:

  • show me/ tell me part was fine
  • reverse around a corner was good, there were a lot of cars so I had to stop and start a lot, in future I can do my mirror checks before the cars have passed me so I waste less time waiting for cars to pass
  • driving conditions seem to be like they would be on test day: very busy, so it was good experience
  • did not dwell on mistakes, just kept driving and focusing on the present, need to keep this up

Potential terrible thing:

  • took wrong exit off a roundabout, instructor had no idea where we were, so had to do turn in the road in a very narrow road – this was a fail, but could have been avoided had I taken the correct exit
  • on test day I should ask for the exit number instead of guessing whether an exit is “straight” or “right”

Not so bad things:

  • only a couple of minors: mainly positioning, must slow down, but if I’m not sure whether both me and the other car can fit through a gap then I should wait and tuck myself in
  • hesitated less when joining roundabouts, but sometimes I’m joining roundabouts/ emerging when I shouldn’t, must find a middle ground

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