Nachos Nachos, yeah

So I went on a job for work where I had to stay away, and tried the local cuisine: pub food. I was greedy and ordered nachos to start, with a beefy main.

Waitress came out with the food, which was great ’cause I was hungry. But the kitchen staff made a sharing nachos starter – great, but I wasn’t that hungry. This is my hubby’s dream.


Look at all that grease! What a surprise, I couldn’t finish it. Barely made a dent. Told the hubs about this, and guess what? Yup, we had nachos when I came back home. A somewhat healthier version, I’d say. Minus the epic amounts of cheese though.


To “beef up” the meal we had mincemeat, peppers, and spring onions. I was tempted to add some good old sweetcorn but the hubs warned I might not be able to finish it, so sweetcorn made a no-show.


I made the salsa-y sauce with tinned tomatoes, garlic paste, and sundried tomato paste, with lots and lots of herbs. Mixed it all together with the mincemeat and vegetables combination. Mmm mmm.


Plain doritos placed on trays, those are the hubby’s greedy hands there.


Piled on the mincemeat and vegetable mix. Piled on even more cheese, we love cheese.


Then in the oven for 5 mins. And BAM, lovely nachos.


And guess what? I didn’t manage to finish this one either!

May vs Food, and this time: food won – twice.

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