Steroids and allergies

Two thirds of the household is getting steroids now, in one way or another. My dog is on steroids. And I now need a cream that contains steroids.

Merlin was very poorly a few weeks ago, vomiting like clockwork at 4am almost every morning. We figured out that he’s allergic to salmon, so stopped the new kibble we gave him. No vomiting for about a week. And then it started again.

We took him to the vets, then he had an endoscopy. And that’s when the vet gave us steroids to give him. Since then, no vomiting. I suppose the steroids are meant to make him digest food faster so he can’t really vomit. However it works, it’s great not getting up at the crack of dawn to clear up mess.

The side effects are panting and hunger. We’ve increased his food intake, I think quite substantially, considering his size. But he’s still a greedy pig.

2015-03-01 19.14.30

We’re reducing the steroids now and the plan is to put the boy on a hypoallergenic diet, then slowly reintroduce foods to find out what he’s allergic to.

My steroid story is a bit different. Basically the doctor thinks I may be allergic to something, and has prescribed cream as treatment. The pharmacist said to use sparingly, I wondered if this was because it was expensive or because the tube is small. No: because it contains steroids.

Who would have thought that steroids can help you deal with allergies?

4 thoughts on “Steroids and allergies

  1. A few years ago our dog Moe was prescribed steroids for allergies as well. He wasn’t vomiting he would chew his front paws until they got infected and he was loosing a lot of his fur. His belly was basically bald. The vet didn’t seem to want him on the steroids for too long. We switched his food to Blue Buffalo Basics (limited ingredients) food and the allergies stop. There are a lot of limited ingredient food available now.

    Best of luck with your little guy.

    1. Our furry friend licks his front paws, but we always assumed he was grooming himself, I’m not sure if this is actually allery related. Thanks for your input, and I hope Moe is fine now.

      1. Hi May. Please keep an eye on your furry friend. He may just be grooming, if he is having an allergic reaction to something his paws will get itchy and he will start to actually chew around the pads. Moe is fine. Our vet prescribed Benydril and it works, he has not had any problems in a few years. If you think your dog has an allergy problem talk to your vet – don’t give him anything based on my comments.

      2. Merlin doesn’t chew around his pads so I’m guessing it is just a grooming thing. The vet has given him some hypoallergenic kibble so we’re working on it. Glad to know that Moe is fine now.

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