So our baby boy is back on the hypoallergenic kibble. He vomited twice the other day and did not look well at all.

He has also been licking his paws a lot, which we thought was due to him cleaning himself from muddy walks. So last weekend was a bit of a detoxing for him: new kibble, groomed and trimmed, and bedding washed.

His kibble almost weighs as much as he does.

And he looks even more adorable now he’s clean and trimmed.

Before groomers
After groomers

It was adorable: the groomers cooed when they saw him, and when we came back to collect him Merlin was oblivious as a groomer was following him trying to put his lead on him.

On a more serious note: we think that he’s allergic to something and we’re waiting three months for whatever it is to leave his system and then start introducing his old food every three months to see what he is allergic to.

We’ve been told before that his irritable bowel syndrome is due to food allergies so hopefully this time we’ll figure out what it is that he’s allergic to.

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