Fourth wedding anniversary & Snowshill Manor and Garden

To all who came to celebrate our day

Just thought I’d write this short post to say

Thank you for coming and thank you for sharing

Your wine, cards, and games and thank you for caring.

Four wedded years now means flowers and fruit

Thanks for the gifts they were lovely and cute.

For next year, which is apparently tin

We’ll make sure to go out on a limb.

2016-08-01 20.29.27

So nice to read lovely messages from dear friends.

2016-08-06 13.27.56

Received this beauty, the first plant in our home. I never knew that hydrangeas could change colour. Blue means the ph level of the soil is more acidic, and pink means it is more alkaline.

Received the cutest little basket with some delicious fruit. Rob drank all the wine.

The BBQ got a bit smokey at one point and got quarantined and moved. We’re getting better at this BBQ malarky, but the smoke isn’t something we can always control. We locked away Merlin for most of the event, but people still managed to find him for a hug.

The cakes were lovely, glad the dog wasn’t around for that.

After the smoky BBQ, the next day we travelled to Gloucestershire to have a nice posh pub lunch and to visit Snowshill Manor and Garden. Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to go inside Charles Wade’s house of collections, as the daily visitor limit had been met. This is for conservation reasons, so the collection can continue to be seen by visitors over the long term.

We did manage to have a lovely walk around the gardens and see inside Mr Wade’s house.

Tried plum gravy for the first time with my main meal, I don’t think it tasted much different to normal gravy though. Also tried jam roly poly for the first time, Rob went for a more traditional bread and butter pudding – they loved putting icing sugar on everything.

Lovely views from a lovely walk. Not gonna lie, I got pretty tired.

It was a shame we didn’t manage to see the collection, but the gardens were lovely. There were lots of archways and little paths. We didn’t take the dog along that day, as he was slightly over excited from the day before, so let him rest at home. He would have loved “owning” the grounds. The National Trust site is currently trying to rebuild a miniature village that Wade created years ago, you could see the mini houses under construction. It was kind of cute, there was a little stream for a river and everything. Not too sure which village was being recreated though.

Pretty flowers on a pretty day. Adore the symmetry here.

2016-07-31 17.28.58

Groom and best man, years later, still having a laugh. It’s supposed to be a cow, but kinda looks like a pig too.

It was a great weekend to celebrate being married for four years. Thanks again to all who came to share it with us. Next year will be bigger and better!

2016-07-31 16.45.30


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