So I made brownies for the first time ever last month using an ex-colleague’s “fail proof” recipe. And I’ve got to admit: it’s been pretty fail proof so far. I like moist brownies, but not always the ones where there is caramel or chocolate oozing from the centre after the first bite – with those brownies I would much prefer taking an edge or corner piece. These brownies, I must say, were the correct ratio of crumb, chocolatey-ness (technical term), and moistness.

Here are the main ingredients. I have never baked something that required both actual chocolate (of which there were two types) and cocoa powder, it’s usually one or the other but I guess this is the secret to the recipe’s amazingness.


Here is everything all mixed in and ready to melt in a pot of boiling water over the stove.


The first time I baked this it was for a charity bake sale at work and I was too lazy to cut up the butter into small cubes, which meant I was stirring and melting everything for a while. The second time I baked this, because I wanted the brownies to myself essentially, I did end up cutting the butter into small cubes to make it quicker to melt. And I think the melting process was slightly quicker, but it did take me longer to cut up the butter, so I guess all in all it ended up taking the same amount of time – just saved a little on the gas bill.


In my second time making these brownies the texture was denser than the first time. I’m not sure if cutting up the butter into small cubes had anything to do with it, the speed of melting or something like that; or maybe because I purchased different chocolates because I didn’t remember which brand I used the first time round. Also the second time I purchased chocolate chips, again in an attempt to speed up the melting process, and to save my fingers from breaking up all the chocolate pieces.


And here is when the cocoa powder comes in.


I used to ignore the sieving instructions when it came to cakes, but now I always try to sieve everything. I think it makes it easier to mix when the dry ingredients aren’t lumpy.


I don’t usually like mixing when baking. After spending ages whisking eggs to get the air in I always feel I then mix out the air when combining the dry and wet ingredients at this stage. But I wasn’t expecting the brownies to actually rise, so just mixed it all up any old how.


And this is the final glossy result before going in the oven.


And this is the final final result of the brownies out of the oven. They did rise a little, but not too much.


And this was me trying to cut equal chunks. After recently eating Sainsbury’s bite-sized brownies, I realised that one of my cut brownie pieces is equivalent to four of Sainsbury’s bite-sized brownies! Maybe I just cut generous portions, or maybe I’m a greedy pig, as I now realise my cake cutting portions are bigger than these brownie portions.


Mmmm. See the crumb on the top, and it was moist in the centre too. Would definitely bake again. Not too rich, and I could definitely eat four in one go aka 16 pieces of Sainsbury’s bite-sized brownies, they are so more-ish.