The Wallace Collection

We have been thinking a lot lately about moving away. This pandemic and staying at home/ indoors has made us consider that where we live right now might not be the best place for us to flourish. It then got me thinking about beautiful properties with lush gardens and amazing interiors, which then got me thinking about the interiors of The Wallace Collection.

This is a collection of paintings, sculptures, furniture, arms and armour, and porcelain built over many generations by the Marquesses of Hertford and Sir Richard Wallace. Sir Wallace’s widow, Lady Wallace, then gifted it to the public in 1897. Situated near Oxford Street in London, we were more enamoured by the interior design than any of the actual collection.

Beautiful front hall

The ground floor held the armoury exhibition, which isn’t really my cup of tea. Though there were some awesome spears. And the blades look so ornate yet obviously deadly; to me they were by far the most interesting weapons there. But upstairs is where the magic is. With such great interior design, the stunning rooms are each themed differently. I think I actually spent more time admiring the walls and curtains than what was displayed on said walls and in the cabinets.

I have never seen such bold colours with complementing curtains around dazzling chandeliers before. It was breath-taking just walking from room to room. Perhaps in my dream home I could be brave enough to replicate some of these interiors. But I feel this works at The Wallace Collection because it is such a massive building with lots of character, so maybe it won’t work in a house in the suburbs. Imagine what the Joneses would think when they pop round to borrow some sugar (at a socially safe distance of course).

Here are a few of the spectacular drawing rooms that I was so enamoured with. Some held furniture, whilst others hung paintings. Each drawing room was themed such as Venetian views, Rococo art, or paintings by Dutch artists.

Such striking colours.

One of my favourite rooms. I love the green here, it’s so opulent.


I also loved that these book cases were so ornate. This is definitely something I would love inside my dream home.


An interesting room was the Oval Drawing Room. And you guessed it: it is indeed an oval room. The 2nd Marchioness of Hertford used the octagon room for entertaining, which I’m not surprised about really.


As I walked through one room I overheard a tour guide state that this pink/ red room had the most items owned by Marie Antoinette anywhere in the world.


And of course the Great Gallery. This is the largest room in the building and holds some masterpieces by Rembrandt and Rubens.


There were lots of large sculptures and small trinkets too, and some did catch my eye:

Some lovely paintings too, which are meant to be the main event.

I was definitely more interested in the interior design, but I suppose there is something for everyone at The Wallace Collection. Some museums and exhibitions are holding virtual tours online, whilst The Wallace Collection is showing some of the collection highlights. But I feel it doesn’t quite capture the opulence of the rooms. The hubby participated in a scavenger hunt last year that took place here. Also, after the pandemic, one can hire the space for events. It would be so magical walking through these beautiful drawing rooms for a wedding. These walls have definitely inspired me for my potential masterpiece of a new home.

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