Obedience class – Beginner 5

Our fifth class was mainly housekeeping and repeating what we’ve been doing previously.

Action command

The main thing I learnt this session was if: you are saying an action command, to say your dog’s name first.

Whilst if you want your dog not to do anything, then don’t say their name first.

For example, come command would be an action command, so you say your dog’s name followed by “come”.

Alternatively, if you want your dog to stay or wait, you just say “stay” or “wait”.


It’s interesting learning the nuances of dog training and things can be quite specific. I’ve been trying to follow the whole saying your dog’s name only when you want them to actively do something.

To be honest, I’m not sure if Artemis understands it. But she does wait when I ask her to “wait”, and I haven’t been saying her name when I ask her for this command.

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