Obedience class – Mixed ability 3

This week we learnt novice recall and also practised some things we had already learnt previously.


So I arrived a little late this session and heelwork had already begun. Some owners and dogs were walking clockwise, whilst others were walking anti-clockwise, so we were meeting other dogs. It was difficult from the get-go!

At first, we were crossing paths person to person. This was ok.

Then we progressed to crossing paths dog to dog. So Artemis was a bit annoying with this, because she just wanted to sniff the other dogs and they were so close to her, but she managed this ok in the end.


Then we practised all 5 steps of wait.

This was building up to recall.

Novice recall

Novice recall is when the dog travels straight to you. And this was Artemis’ first time doing any recall outside in the real world.

I got Artemis to heel, dropped the lead, asked her to wait, walked four lead lengths away from her, did an about turn (turned around to face Artemis again), and said “Artemis come!”

She sat there for a second. And then she came – she came gunning down the field towards me and I was shocked! I was also trampled on! As she was stepping on my toes, I then moved the treat to my right to get her off my toes, so Artemis ended up sitting next to me on my right side. I then had to get her to sit directly in front of me.

The trainer advised that next time I hold my hand out so that Artemis knows not to trample on me, and then as she comes closer, to get her to sit in front of me and not on my toes or on my right side.

This was the first time Artemis has ever done recall! The trainer said they knew she would do it and said I should have more confidence in her. The trainer also advised to be positive and next time we can try novice recall without a lead.


What a day – there was lots of belly rubs for our star dog! I couldn’t believe Artemis managed recall! We had never done this with our old dog, Merlin, and never done this outside with Artemis.

We’ve been practising the come command inside at home in the kitchen and Artemis has been doing very well. Obviously the training sessions are outdoors with about five other dogs, so a little different, but small progress is still progress.

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