Asian love

Now, I’ve just been procrastinating, trying not to write one of my beefy essays, and where do I go to? Youtube. Yup. I came across this one video, a response against a “racist” American girl ranting about Asians in libraries.

The video is hilarious; I was laughing so much I was close to crying. Gotta have Asian love. But this girl has a point: people talking on their phones in the library are a pain, I imagine. The worst things get in my university library is people laughing out loud in hysterics, for no apparent reason, in continuous bursts. For hours.

However, one thing that I dislike about her video is that she is actually being racist. Now I’m all for freedom of speech and expressing ourselves, blah blah blah, but I’m sure it’s not just Asian people who talk on the phone in her university library. She’s just lashing out:

  • complaining about what Asian people do at weekends
  • the way Asian parents raise their kids

But the thing that gets me: she tries to imitate Chinese.

Who on earth does that in this day and age? I still find that offensive, having gone through that for years at school, smiling and grimacing, but thinking in my head that these people have never actually heard Chinese before in. their. lives. It makes me cringe, what can I say?

So, I’m not a fan of this girl. I can understand her library love, I love peace and quiet in libraries too – but she took it too far with her ranting. Then uploaded it onto youtube!

The video response linked (hopefully) is hilarious though, not just the guy’s delivery but his jokes too. Apparently he’s a comedian, which explains a lot. The crudeness was disturbing but I guess that’s his style…? I like how he tries to make light of the situation whilst addressing some interesting, and very funny, points.

Now, back to essay-writing.

Bye *waves*

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