I love you Tolkien, love you vampires too

Well, today is the day where I have been told to choose options ready for next year. Surprise surprise, Sod’s Law, the module options I had been hoping to choose are not even offered anymore.

I’m sorry, Tolkien, I guess it was just never meant to be. Shame, I knew we would’ve made it work. I’ll just stick with watching The Lord of the Rings as I mourn. Ah, Aragorn, the solution to my problems.

On another note, I love Dracula. Just thought I’d share that. After three hours of talking about the man monster and the book, my love for it has only diminished a little. I find that happens a lot it seems…

I also seem to only ever post here when I cannot bring myself to write my essays. The topic in mind is not so cheery: a 2000 word essay about death – great start to a day, right? Well it’s what I have to force bring myself to do tomorrow, joy…

Gandalf said it

Bye *waves*

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