Beauty and the Beast

Everybody loves a good old Disney film, right? I never grew up watching Disney films – shock, horror. But I watched Beauty and the Beast the other day, the 1991 version.

It was ok.

Nah, it was good. What can I say? I have no love for Disney films, having not grown up watching them, so there’s little sentiment in doing so.

One character that I really disliked: Chip.

The Chipster

The little, annoying, and squeaky tea cup – with a chip. They liked the actor’s voice so much that the producers expanded his role. Fair enough, I say.

Though, I did find it odd that Mrs Potts would keep one of her sons with her past his bed time, the youngest one. Especially when Chip’s older siblings were all fast asleep in their drawers. He provided a “cute-factor” and that was it.

I just found that tea cup annoying.

Not exactly something you find yourself saying often. Apart from that one little aspect, the film was pretty good. It kept me entertained, and I’m sure if I watched it when I was younger I would’ve loved it like the majority of people in their 20s now still do.

Disney back in the day had a great formula with their films, whatever that formula was, it isn’t the same one used today. I have nothing against Disney or its films; I guess I just never had the chance to fully embrace it. But expanding a pointless character’s role simply because the producers liked the actor’s voice – not a great move, I don’t think.

Biased? Yes. Do I drink my tea out of a tea cup? No, I’m afraid not. I’m sorry Chip; I just didn’t like your annoying squeaky voice. Clearly I would never make it as a producer for Disney.

And on that note I shall go devour another Disney film, or not, who knows?

Bye *waves*

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