Gracie Gracie Gracie

The pressure is on. I’ve been informed by a friend, if she’s reading – you know who you are *glares* – for a race. An odd one.

So my friend texted me the other day:

Friend: Hey, the name Grace is really starting to grow on me.

Me: Yay!

Friend: My other half also likes the name.

Me: He’s lying.

Friend: We’ll see who has a kid first.

Me: The game. is. on.

Of course I didn’t text back that last bit; I was in hysterics too much.

I adore the name Grace, I love the name Grace, I’d want to be called Grace. Although, “Gracefair” doesn’t really have the same ring to it as “Mayfair” does.

I do love the name Grace though, I’ve planned my first child to be called Grace – regardless of sex.

Nah, I’m kidding, although… No, well, we’ll see.

It’s like how Rachel from the awesome show Friends stole Monica’s fave name and called her own child Emma. How rude.

But yes, the game is on.

And it will be going on for the next 10 years! This’ll be interesting: who knows, someone might get injured or someone might get pois – no, I don’t know what I’m on about. And on that measly threat I shall go!

PS don’t name your child Grace, or else.

Bye *waves*

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