Power cut

So I spent five hours yesterday without electricity. You know what that meant: revision. All. Day. Long.

You never really realise how much you depend on electricity until it’s gone:

  • No revision on the laptop
  • No hot lunch
  • No cold food from the fridge (I lie, but I was too afraid to open the fridge or freezer, just in case)
  • Also, there wasn’t any hot water either – though that was probably a glitch.

Basically, in this day and age: we cannot live without electricity. Every half hour I was looking out my window trying to figure out what the work people were doing to the poor street.

It was quite disruptive to my revision, yes. Though, it did kind of remind me of being back home: yup, nothing like the sound of metal clanging and people shouting to each other exercising their lungs.

Back to revision: I empathise with anyone who has a May or June birthday – I’ve had an exam on my birthday three years in a row. The novelty is really wearing off right now. My last exam is, you guessed it: on my birthday. No longer a teenager, no longer allowed to complain, no longer allowed to do all that kiddy stuff.

I kid. Hell, I’m still gonna act like one. There’s nothing like pushing little kids off swings in parks. Yeah, I still do that, I’m still that child…

Something to be proud of? No. Swings in parks are fun? Er, yeah!

On that childish note, I shall return to revision. Less than a week left of being a teenager. Less than a week until exams is over. Less than a week and I get to read something for fun, yes, I am that sad loser too.

Bye *waves*

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