U2 at Glastonbury

Spectacular. Awesome. Wonderful. I was unable to go to Glastonbury to see my all-time favourite band perform so I had to watch it online. And even so – what a treat!

Friday was U2’s first performance in about 25 years to an audience that was not their own. This shows just how big the band is and also shows just how brave they are. U2 didn’t bring out all the big hits, but some favourites were included, and some lesser known songs too. I thought it was brilliant. Of course the setlist wasn’t going to be a greatest hits list, the band are better than that.

You can tell the guys are enjoying themselves on stage: interacting with each other, interacting with the cameras, interacting with the crowd. What do you expect though? U2 are a brilliant live stadium rock band.

Between songs Bono would sing parts of random songs, which I thought was great. There was a bit of Independent Women for Beyonce who is headlining the Pyramid stage tonight, and even Yellow as Coldplay performed last night.

U2 even got an astronaut from an international space station to sing lyrics to Beautiful Day – the band definitely pulls out all the stops for a live performance. Of course, I’m biased – being a major fan – but I loved every second of their act.

U2 are brave, know how to have a good time, and know how to put on a great performance. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out online – even for one song – you’ll be blown away!

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