Utter hilarity. Kristen Wiig stars as Annie who becomes her best friend’s maid of honour and tries to plan everything leading up to the nuptials, but of course disaster ensues and not everything goes to plan. From bachelorette party to bridal shower to friendship itself – nothing ever seems to go right in Annie’s out of control life.

Not for the faint-hearted, Bridesmaids is more than a chick flick, so much more. I was practically in hysterics throughout the film, just when one joke is done there is another on the way.

Slapstick physical humour is combined with very humorous dialogue leading to a hilarious combination. Hats off to director Paul Feig, the chemistry between the actors is the icing on the cake. Apparently the actors spent two weeks improvising with each other and some which were used for the film.

The characters are sweet and very likeable, your heart goes out to Annie, and you just want things to turn out for the best for her.

Watch this if you want a laugh and nothing serious. Stay for the credits as some outtakes are shown which are definitely worth watching.

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