Troll Hunter

“Well you didn’t expect squirrels to rampage through that, did you?”

This Norwegian film, directed by Andre Ovredal, is quite surprisingly entertaining. Three students investigate strange bear killings and end up following, yes you guessed it: a troll hunter.

I was sceptical of watching this at first but after seeing the trailer I thought I’d give it a go – I hadn’t seen a non-English subtitled film in a while so, why not? And I am so glad I saw Troll Hunter. What utter entertainment!

The film is a “mockumentary”, somewhat like The Blair Witch Project but less annoying and much better. It starts off very suspenseful, but becomes less scary and more a rollercoaster ride – a very good one. There are ups and downs, tense moments and funny moments, and even some conspiracies thrown in.

Troll hunter Hans, played by Otto Jespersen, is superb and without him the film would clearly fail. The actors playing the students are quite believable: sometimes you empathise with them whilst other times you want to punch them.

The best part is the conspiracy factor: no one wants you to know that trolls exist and they make sure you don’t know that trolls exist – check out the above video. The writers, if this is even scripted and not ad libbed, have even included references to folklore regarding trolls – which, again, adds to the entertainment factor.

Not a scary movie but if you’re after an intelligent, highly entertaining, and heavily conspiracy-filled film then Troll Hunter is your best bet. If you do want to be scared, stay till after the credits for a little something. Watch it, unless you’re Christian…

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