30 Minutes or Less

“Run into a bank with a bomb and take all the money and leave and then go back to work.”

“Don’t make a big deal out of it, all right?”

Basically, that’s the genius concept of this movie – and what a great one. It’s so simple, yet somehow, there are gags after gags after gags of hilarity in this film.

Director Ruben Fleischer does a great job. Jesse Eisenberg plays Nick, the guy with the bomb strapped to his chest, and he’s… well, he’s frickin’ annoying. You want to punch him in the face, and perhaps other parts of his body, for some of the bat-shit crazy things he does throughout the film.

So why do you want him to get the money and stay alive? Because of his best bud Chet, played by the awesome Aziz Ansari. You feel for Chet, you sympathise with him, you wonder why on earth is he friends with a person like Nick – someone who took his twin sister’s virginity and apparently now wants to marry her or something. But that’s only half of it: just wait till you find out the things Chet has done to Nick. Yup, this is some messed up friendship.

And that’s not the only one. Danny McBride and Nick Swardson play Dwayne and Travis, the people who own the bomb, and technically Nick. Some audiences won’t go to see this film because they just think “oh, of course: it’s a couple of dudes who blackmail another couple of dudes to steal some money for them because they want the rich life”. No. The masterminds of all this need the money for something else entirely, and once you find out in the beginning of the movie, you’ll think “oh”. And then you’ll think “well that’s kinda stupid”. But hey, it works, and it’s a great concept.

You think it’s going to be a straight forward film but half way through something throws everything off balance. Somehow a hit man comes in and everything gets a bit murdery. And from then onwards everything gets blown out of proportion and no one knows what’s going on and twists and turns get thrown in left, right, and centre – it just gets better and better.

Watch out for Dilshad Vadsaria, of “Greek” fame, who plays Chet’s sister Kate. Although, she doesn’t have many scenes and it doesn’t seem like her character is supposed to be funny. You don’t know if the lack of chemistry between Kate and Nick is just bad chemistry between the actors, or to highlight that Nick really is bat-shit crazy. Regardless, the talent of the cast is superb, everyone is on fine form.

Some of the humour can be quite crude, but oddly fits in because the characters are that way for a reason. Behind the running, the chasing, and the explosions there are true friendships tested here – and a few “romances” sprinkled in. Stay till after the credits for a little extra something. This is definitely the film to watch if you’re after fun and entertainment.

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