On a Quest

I thought I’d write a little about myself and what I… do, basically. So I’m on a quest right now, not the physical kind, well at least not the physical kind you’re probably thinking of. Have you heard of this one: make 1000 origami cranes so you can make a wish.

That’s my quest. Yup, I’m gonna fold 1000 pieces of paper into adorable little birds. There are so many places that tell you how to make them, here’s a short tutorial:

Of course, whether the wish part comes true or not is another thing entirely. In fact, wish bones lie and birthday wishes don’t actually come true, so…

I’ll stop myself there – I’m starting to sound bitter. This is my aim, and I’m giving myself eight months to do it. Will I succeed? Who knows?

I’ll tell you a little secret: I’ve already started…

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