Fed up

So you know what’s really annoying? Paying £3000 a year and getting nothing for it. Yes, I’m talking about my degree. Casual Monday, one might think. Not for me. Twas essay hand-in-Monday. I was in the library computer suite, checking said essay, close to printing.

Then BOOM!

Ostentatious man walks in declaring, pretty much on the lines of: “Everyone log out of the computers, network failure. You can go to the Masters’ Suite, if ya hurry”. So I legged it over there.

Printer doesn’t work. I leave it for a while. Eventually print off most of my essay.

No paper. Manage to scramble some paper and then voila: essay printed. Run over to the office, hand it in, all done. Phew!


So, is it really worth paying £3000 a year to teach myself things, for network failures, and half-broken printers? I think not. Will it really be worth it to pay £9000 a year starting October 2012 for the exact same thing?

Um, no. Unless, of course, you’re at a big university campus where there are dozens of computer suites, studying a mathematics or science degree (social sciences would be pushing it here), and generally rich. Needless to say, I am / have none of the above. Sod’s Law. Six months to go till I wave goodbye. Is university really worth the debt and the hassle? Perhaps not, but that piece of paper often called a certificate is.


Cynical, I know. But I. Am. Fed. Up.

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