Lesson Four

Lesson number four, total of seven hours driving.

Good things:

  • went round a normal roundabout, one with two lanes
  • went up to 45 mph
  • went to third gear multiple times
  • did not stall
  • turn in the road/three point turn maneuvered well
  • stopping has improved
  • instructor made no comments on “snaking” on the road

Not so good things:

  • did not always go round the roundabout, went straight ahead
  • did not put handbrake down when moving off, twice, wondered why I wasn’t moving
  • car was positioned too close to the left pavement and bumped the car a couple of times, sorry tyres

All in all, a pretty good lesson I’d say. Learnt a lot, brain was slightly frazzled, but I am getting there, people, I am getting there.

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