Lesson Five

Lesson five, total of 8 hours driving.

Good things:

  • drove from home, so drove the whole lesson
  • learnt bay parking, even if it was in a very empty car park
  • overtook the bus that overtook me – see below
  • did not crash *thumbs up*

Bad things:

  • bumped  a kerb pulling out of the car park, instructor grabbed the wheel a bit frantically
  • stalled, this time I had no idea why, happened all a bit too fast
  • got overtaken by a bus on a carriageway when I was travelling at 45-50 mph
  • then got overtaken by a car where there were “no overtaking” signs
  • gear stick made crunching sound, I tried to change gears when the clutch wasn’t fully down
  • drove a bit too close to parked cars, instructor grabbed the wheel a couple of times to ensure no smashed wing mirrors

I’d say it was an ok lesson. I usually get into the swing of things after driving for 30 mins, but as the focus was on parking I didn’t have time to get comfortable when driving. I notice my legs can get a bit tense, but I suppose I find the pedals a bit too far from my reach.

Note to self next lesson: raise seat higher so feet can reach pedals better. Also, read up on theory.

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