Lesson six

Lesson six, total of ten hours driving.

Good things:

  • went to fourth gear
  • drove 50mph
  • experience of slip roads
  • went on two of the largest roundabouts in the city – and survived!
  • learnt parallel parking

Bad things:

  • bay parking was not happening for me, instructor informed me the parking spaces were smaller in this car park
  • stalled at a green light, lifted clutch too high whilst accelerator was not pressed down enough, took a while to get the car started again
  • went on the largest roundabout in the city – instructor took the wheel a couple of times, in between my shrieking of “oh my God we’re on the Ring Road!”
  • nudged a wing mirror trying to avoid crashing into approaching car, was coming to a stop so only moved the wing mirror out of place, phew!
  • got beeped when we had priority over the road, not sure if it was the car behind us or the car in front (that should have given way) that beeped

Strange things:

  • was diverted due to police cars being everywhere – that was odd

Note to self next lesson:

  • use handbrake more
  • don’t nudge wing mirrors of parked cars
  • change gears quicker before turning on a roundabout – one hand on wheel is scary on a major roundabout

So, all in all, a good – if quite stressful – lesson.

2 thoughts on “Lesson six

  1. Sounds like you’re making some good progress on your lessons. One thing I tell my pupils is not to feel pressure from drivers waiting behind you at traffic lights. A lot of it is imagined pressure. The drivers behind are not watching you. If you think they are then it can lead to nerves and stalling when moving off.

    1. Thanks for the advice. I must admit I do try to move off as soon as the lights turn green, but I may just be imagining the drivers behind are annoyed at me. I’m aiming to use the handbrake more often and to prepare the car before the lights turn green.

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