Lesson seven

Lesson seven, total of 12 hours driving.

Good things:

  • went to fourth gear quite smoothly
  • highest speed of 55mph, so I’m getting more confident with speed
  • did parallel parking completely unassisted – yay!
  • bay parking has definitely improved, the car was actually inside the bay, I just needed to turn a little later
  • can understand road signs better
  • crossed narrow bridges safely
  • used the handbrake more often
  • moved from the most right lane to the most left lane safely when exiting a large roundabout – that was very scary
  • managed to change gears whilst turning in a roundabout
  • merged from a slip road onto a dual carriageway pretty smoothly, Sunday mornings are indeed quiet mornings

Bad things:

  • bumped the kerb and did not observe very well when doing turn in the road
  • rustled up some leaves as I reversed a bit too far when bay parking
  • stalled as I came to a stop to allow an approaching car to pass, forgot to put the clutch down
  • almost too confident when joining a roundabout, the instructor put the handbrake on when I was about to accelerate
  • my supposed 10 minutes of unassisted driving only lasted one minute! I was in the wrong lane before joining a roundabout so the instructor had to break silence
  • instructor grabbed the wheel a couple of times to ensure I did not crash into parked cars

Note to self:

  • when stopped at traffic lights change to first gear before using handbrake, the lights can sometimes change rather fast
  • brake faster or firmer when travelling at higher speed
  • brake earlier behind a car so I can see the car’s tyres and tarmac
  • brake later when at a stop light so car behind is not too close
  • bring clutch up to ensure I do not coast along, especially when turning or slowing down
  • do not stare to the right when joining roundabouts or roads
  • observe more when doing manoeuvres
  • prepare the car before observing

I think I am improving. I must admit I’m finding large roundabouts a bit tricky – there’s so much to take into account and do: other cars, speed, changing gears, checking mirrors, signalling, changing lanes. But I am getting there people, I am getting there.

Also, must read up on theory.

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