Lesson 11

Lesson 11, total of 20 hours driving.

Good things:

  • was not undertaken
  • reverse around a corner manoeuvre was ok, did not hit pedestrians or other cars
  • turn in the road manoeuvre was successful and swiftly executed
  • parallel parking manoeuvre was ok, front wheel should be parallel with the kerb as well, not just the back wheel
  • went to fifth gear wooop
  • realised there is a light on the dashboard that indicates when to change up a gear, this feature is awesome – now seriously considering getting this same car model
  • positioning was good, instructor felt little to no fear about me hitting wing mirrors of parked cars

Bad things:

  • forgot to wear glasses in first 5 minutes of driving, surprised myself with how far I drove without realising I couldn’t read signs
  • must overtake sooner on roundabouts, try to hesitate less
  • signalled one exit too early in a roundabout
  • thigh muscle tested when using clutch, I now realise I must have been coasting quite a bit for this to happen
  • anticipate and plan looking at road ahead when stopped at traffic lights

This week I also booked my theory test. This is happening, people; this is getting real.

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