Lesson 12

Lesson 12, total of 22 hours driving.

Good things:

  • reverse around a corner has improved, though foot does ease off clutch a little too much when turning to look at rear window, bad foot
  • turn in the road ok, can use full width of road though
  • parallel parking ok, must remember to start off further to the left and not right in the centre of the road
  • bay parking was “awesome”
  • good use of mirrors and observations – yay for observing
  • overtaking and changing lanes on roundabouts has improved
  • was not undertaken
  • successfully overtook a horse and rider without startling them

Bad things / areas of improvement:

  • on roads with no markings, must not position car too much to the right when turning right
  • stop closer to give way markings when emerging so can see oncoming traffic better
  • stop closer to stop line at traffic lights
  • be prepared to stop, not just pause, when on narrow roads to allow cars approaching opposite direction to pass
  • must approach roundabouts slower to give time to figure out which exit and which lane to be in
  • car does not accelerate going up a hill in third gear, no matter how much I put the foot down on the gas
  • stalled a fair few times, must remember to accelerate more to allow smooth moving off, clutch can be evil sometimes
  • reduce hesitation, did so on a couple of roundabouts, does not help that other drivers do not always signal their exits

So my instructor said I am at the frustrating stage of learning where I know what to do and how to do things, but as I drive more on busier roads I happen to be less aware of other road users.

Basically, I need to “anticipate and plan” a lot more now that I drive in busier places where other road users actually exist.

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