Lesson 14

Lesson 14, total of 26 hours driving.

Good things:

  • great parallel parking
  • good bay parking
  • did not stall
  • reached new record of 60 mph

Bad things / room for improvement:

  • use full width of road for turn in the road
  • reverse around a corner, not really sure I’m getting that one right at all
  • positioning at roundabouts
  • coming to a stop, have to slow down when approaching roundabouts
  • meeting traffic, have to slow down

Not a bad lesson, plenty of room for improvement still.

Bright side: I passed my theory test *epic thumbs up*

Panicked on the hazard perception part when I over-clicked for one clip, and lost all potential points. Boohoo. Thought there were two hazards, there wasn’t, which explains why my over-clicking got that clip disqualified!

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