Lesson 13

Lesson 13, total of 24 hours driving.

Good things:

  • turn in the road ok, can use full width of road in first turn
  • parallel parking good
  • reverse around a corner ok, ensure not too far away from kerb
  • did not stall
  • did not crash into kids chasing each other in the middle of the road – those hazards in the hazard perception tests are not staged, believe it or not

Bad things/areas of improvements:

  • signal on roundabouts sooner
  • signal when changing  lanes, for every lane, basically don’t change lanes without signalling ever
  • stop on narrow roads when meeting traffic
  • when two lanes merge into one, speed up or slow down and be prepared to join the overtaking lane sooner

I was quite tense in the lesson as it was at a busier time, and from past experience other car users don’t take kindly to learners driving slowly.

But now I can drive slightly better than before, and was driving cautiously looking out for hazards, other road users were quite kind and patient in allowing me room to move off or change lanes.  Thank you stranger drivers.

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