Lesson 20

Lesson 20, total of 38 hours.

Good things:

  • good turn in the road, perhaps can use handbrake more/use handbrake before changing gear
  • good parallel park, eventually. First attempt: could not see reference points due to rain on wing mirrors, moved to another car. Second attempt: as I was reversing into the spot a car drove up and parked in that spot, moved to another car. Third attempt: success!
  • better positioning whilst overtaking parked cars and meeting traffic
  • overtook a bus
  • good control of car whilst turning around sharp corners
  • did a test route, and it was actually ok

Bad things/room for improvement:

  • absolutely terrible weather, thundering and everything, rain on wing mirrors made it harder to see reference points for manoeuvres
  • bad weather also meant cars were overtaking me, cutting in, and running red lights
  • pedestrians were also taking risks and running across roads without looking, this was not cool
  • check mirrors before overtaking parked cars
  • when emerging left, position car more to the left, especially at wide  t junctions
  • when emerging and joining roundabouts don’t have to use handbrake all the time, wastes time when I can just emerge straight away

As the weather was terrible I was quite cautious, then as other road users and pedestrians were taking a lot of risks, I became even more cautious.

I suppose this was a good thing, had I been travelling any faster I might have run over a couple of people, and I haven’t been taught emergency stop yet.

kind of made me think I am ready to book my test.

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