Double removal

Our little boy had two things removed recently: a small lump on his neck and a tooth.

The little lump has been around for a bit, but we noticed it had gotten larger so took Merlin to the vets, and the procedure was booked for the next day.

The tooth extraction wasn’t planned, it was a dental check up that obviously picked up some issues. His remaining teeth, not that there are many now, were cleaned and the vet said Merlin’s breath should be smelling a lot nicer now. I think it was a year ago when he had two teeth out, he’s a pro with this procedure.

The lump removal, on the other hand, is a different story. The hubby was due to collect him in the evening, half way there the vets called saying Merlin was awake and freaking out and to get there pronto. Hubby arrived and found Merlin with two leads, one attached to his collar which was also attached to another lead. Vets explained Merlin was guarding the kennel, hubby thinks he was just getting irate and not letting anyone near him.

On the walk home Merlin marked, and almost fell over, kept losing his balance with one leg pitched up to pee. Must have been the anaesthetic. We’ve also given him some powdered painkillers, which had to be signed for, must be some pretty powerful stuff. And the vet advised to mix the antibiotics with butter on a plate, he licked it clean.

Once home, hubby had to chase Merlin to the bottom of the garden to pee. He was out of it, standing and staring at nothing, and then would have a clear mind and think “oh, I must go inside” and ran back into the house without peeing.

I got home and saw his patchy fur, stitches on his neck, blood around his mouth. Poor boy looked weak and feeble.

One week later the boy is highly suspicious of his breakfast, laced with antibiotics, he has finished his round of medicine, but is still wary of eating his breakfast. He hates the taste, hand feeding him breakfast is only adorable up to a point.

Stitches didn’t need to be removed in the end as they were under the skin and the skin glue over the skin wasn’t torn. He’s fine now. Turns out the lump removed from his neck was non-cancerous, just a cyst and a skin tag, hence the size.

A blood test was taken so we’ll get the results from that soon.

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