Tests tests tests

Vets called earlier this week saying they needed to do more tests on Merlin to verify he didn’t have any underlying issues.

Urine sample needed to see if he is just thirsty or has cushings disease. Then a blood sample to determine whether having blood taken from him stressed him out or if he has leukaemia due to low white blood cells count.

This morning hubby followed Merlin around the garden, gloves at hand with a tiny pee pot for collection. Didn’t manage it. Then I gave it a go. I found a plastic plate that we hadn’t used in a year, that didn’t have much food, in case it showed higher glucose levels in the urine, and put on rubber gloves.

I stealthily followed Merlin into the garden, saw him eye up this particular weed, then dashed over to him, crouched, plate poised, ready. He peeed, I caught it with the plate, he stopped then stepped on the plate, which knocked against the weed and some pollen fell onto the plate, then dog scuttled off. Poured pee into tiny pee pot, but some pollen went in as well, it was the best I could do.

Then off to the vets for some blood taking. This was done at the back of the surgery so didn’t actually see this happen, but Merlin came back panting.

Then it was my turn at the doctors. Got two injections on one arm ready for holiday: hepatitis A and typhoid. Arm aches like hell. Not just my arm though, my whole upper body started aching a few hours after the jabs, feel so weak and feeble; so Merlin, I feel you boy, being prodded with needles is not fun at all.

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