April 2019

The third month of this gratitude journal, and again, surprisingly, I actually managed to do it most evenings. I must admit, it has made me more reflective, even when doing things or experiencing things during the day I wonder if this is the thing that will make it into the journal in the evening. Sometimes more than one thing or person makes me grateful, which actually makes me super thankful.

Reading back on what I wrote earlier in the month has made me think: am I getting into nature a lot? I suppose having been on holiday this month, and being away from home, visiting people, and seeing other places – essentially being away from the big city, has made me very appreciative of the green around me that I just don’t see all that much of in my day to day. Also, the sun has been out a lot this month, and making me actually want to look and go outside!

I’ve also noticed just a general gratitude for the every day, again, I suppose because I have been away a bit more this month and this has made me realise that sometimes it is just the little things that make you happy. So, here is April’s gratitude journal:

1 Connectivity: grateful to be so well connected to Europe and able to travel and started our holiday to Amsterdam today.

2 Museums: went to the Amsterdam Museum and learnt about the past, about the golden age of Amsterdam, and how countries were connected by religion and trade so long ago. How ironic, and sad, considering the Brexit drama at the moment.

3 Art: visited Van Gogh Museum today and learnt more about the artist’s life and art and struggles, made me more appreciative of the art that is created in and for the world.

4 Flowers: visited Keukenhof Gardens, which was so beautiful, possibly the best place on earth. So colourful and peaceful, it is such a wonderful place. I felt so in tune with nature and so appreciative that this is the work of a whole year and the gardens are only open two months of the year. So worth it.

5 Home: grateful to be back in my own place and in my own bed with PG Tips for tea, no offence Lipton, it’s the little things you miss after being away.

6 Sofa: grateful to have and just sit on a sofa, which I haven’t done in a week.

7 Space heater: boiler started leaking yesterday after turning the heating on, so we used the space heater today to prevent another boiler leaking incident.

8 Work: grateful to come into work and find the team have kindly left some chocolate on my desk, it’s the little things.

9 Colleague’s inspirational advice: attended a networking event where a colleague passed on some really good advice on working a room and building a network. He also said that it’s up to us to represent, as women, and women of colour, to be the new generation of business. It was also a nice walk to the bus stop homewards, contemplating my colleague’s words.

10 So many things I’m grateful for today: we have heating again and the boiler is now no longer leaking like a waterfall, coming back from lunch to find an Easter egg on my desk from my boss, and finally, finally, receiving a contactless card. I have been lazy and waiting three years since I opened the account and the day has finally come for contactless!

11 Walking: walked to work and home again today, with bright blue skies above me and blossom trees around me, lovely day – just really cold.

12 Colleagues: one colleague paid for team lunch and then another colleague bought doughnuts. I am starting to see why the office thinks our team are epic foodies.

13 The Waitress Musical: saw this really great musical and I’m grateful for being able to see it but also grateful to watch the main character progress and stand up for herself after living with an abusive husband, it was so empowering and also enjoyable with some hilarious moments sprinkled in.

14 Sleep: grateful to have a day of not much planned and able to sleep in and recuperate from the week I had or I suppose prepare for the week ahead.

15 A few things today: lovely fresh day with a bit of sun, I was walking home and some blossoms fell on me from trees above, and found out a friend who I haven’t seen in years (she moved to America) has given birth to a beautiful adorable girl.

16 Hot chocolate: one of my bosses got us all hot chocolate from the place that does it the best: Cafe Nero. Yum.

17 The Waitress sound track: flashing back to only the previous weekend, the songs are so good I’ve listened to the album about five times today, cannot get enough.

18 Sun: a lovely sunny and warm day, we even had to open the windows in the flat.

19 Dover Castle: visited this English heritage place today, learning about its history and importance, I didn’t know that Dunkirk was planned in the very casemate I walked through today. Also grateful to be so close to and see the sea, the views were amazing from the top of the castle, just breath-taking.

20 Rest: nice to just relax and not need to, or plan to, do anything on this lovely sunny day. I’m also grateful to those working this bank holiday weekend.

21 Good transport links: getting from one hospital to another with half vision was manageable thanks to great transport infrastructure in place.

22 Blossom trees: had a lovely walk along a canal and through a park full of beautiful blossom trees.

23 Hubby: grateful that chores were done and hubby gave me space to try and finish something difficult I started almost a year ago.

24 My job: grateful to be offered an opportunity to, let’s say, expand my horizons within a safety net at work today.

25 Merlin: our dog passed away a year ago today and hubby and I walked our old walks where we used to take Merlin, reminiscing of his adorable ways. So many funny stories, so many sad ones too, grateful to have cared for this little boy for the latter part of his life.

26 Relaxing: grateful to spend the evening just relaxing with the hubby and just recuperating.

27 Friends: spent the day at Whipsnade Zoo with a couple of friends today and I’m grateful they picked us up from the station and walked around the zoo in cold and windy and wet weather, grateful for their suggestion to see such beautiful animals. I’m also grateful to learn about the conservation that the zoo does around the world to protect endangered animals.

28 Commitment: found out a dear friend, who had been waiting for a while, is now engaged. So happy that she experienced a wonderful proposal.

29 Job stability: next week will be 6 months into my new job, which I had no idea until my line manager put something in our calendars to have an informal catch up. I’m grateful to have felt so welcome by the firm and learn so much from the team, I feel I’ve come a long way.

30 Skincare: trying a new product that is surprisingly nourishing for my skin.

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