It’s been a year since we had to let you go

Gone are the days of you trotting on our tow

It’s taken a while to write you this song

It’s been hard knowing you’ve been gone this long.

Our Irish, Schnauzer-looking, Jack Russel-Westie,

You stole our hearts, ate from our hands or snatched when you were testy.

Merlin the Greedy Pig, a Squirrel Hunter, a Pidgeon Chaser,

Our Heavy Lump, a Salad Rejector, but never a food waster.

Merlin the Gummy Bear, with all four canines gone,

always begging, you thought there was food always to be won.

Our Whiney McWhinerson, and grumbling boy, you defied all Dogs’ Laws –

You didn’t come when called but a crisp packet crinkles and we hear the pitter patter of excited paws.

Merlin the Sleeper, Climber of Sofas, and Finder of all Soft Things,

Our Awkward Sleeper, our Epic Snorer, so much laughter and joy did you bring:

Tongue out dozing, howling, grumbling, chasing squirrels in your sleep,

looking like the Neverending Story dragon breathing deep.

Merlin the Lazy One, world’s worst burier: two inches is enough

to hide your rawhide treat – 30 seconds digging sure is tough.

Merlin the Owner of Many Things, my uke critic, my Lucky Charm,

My Revision Buddy, My Scrappy Do, always trying to save us from harm:

a fluffier smoke alarm, unfazed by fireworks and thunderstorms,

Enemy of the Food Processor yet avoiding puddles is the norm.

Merlin the Protector, Fighter of Hoovers, and Guardian of Front Doors,

You barked at dogs, you barked at cats, such a little fighter with those tiny fluffy paws.

Merlin the Wizard, ironically, of course,

Our Blind Bat happily running into see-through doors,

trapping your head in gates, and bumping into coffee tables,

Our Shakey McShakerson scampering over cables.

Apparently dogs have an epic sense of smell,

who would have known your nose didn’t cut it so you licked things as well.

Merlin the Ill Boy, Mr Stiff Leg with your Turkey Leg in buzz-cut Snow Boots,

from trotter to waddler to hopper – your bunny impressions sure were cute,

but not the most elegant with your Exorcist routine,

you thought it was the best way to keep those puppy dog eyes clean.

Our furry body builder, pumping iron, taking steroids, and popping pills;

I hope you understood these things were necessary and not just for the thrills.

Our Panty McPanterson, so much has changed in a year,

You taught us so much yet we can only shed some tears.

Merlin the White Shadow, forever our Baby Boy,

To everyone you met you brought them great joy.

You lived a full life, and we hope you had a ball,

Now you can run the fields and own them all.


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